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About us

We believe that the small steps of individuals in a society can move the whole society forward. And these seemingly small steps have always been to fill the gaps in human social life, as the creation of such a website has been keyed by a group of students who can answer these years of student research. The first step was the idea of a Web site on the subject of the research method, which was created in early in the year 2019, in response to the urgent need of scholars and students in the Persian language and to address this issue and the environment for the research method. Numerous titles for this site have been suggested that finally the title of "Methodia" derives from the root of the Method (meaning "Method"). But gradually, and considering the needs of visitors to the Methodia website, his field of expertise was expanding, so he decided to design a website that would include sociological theories in addition to his method of research. Because knowing the method is not related to knowing the theory resulted in changes to this website and on 9 july 2019, the site of the Sociologyhome of Iran was founded. The purpose of this site is to raise the awareness of patrons about the theory and method of research and to better apply the concepts of sociology of students and scholars. Be authors and be local to enable researchers and students who specialize in theory and research methodology. Another purpose of this site in the near future is to critique methodology and sociology in Iran, which could be a step towards filling theoretical and methodological gaps in humanities articles and books. In short, the site is not about Iranian social issues but about sociology itself. We hope that this site can be useful to our dear visitors and be a step towards excellence in this area.

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